Grand Opening for Innovation InfoIsland

October 3, 2009

Innovation in Education

Post Event Machinima by Valerie Hill
LISD School Librarian
Texas Woman's University


Panel Discussion

Valibrarian Gregg (Valerie Hill) school librarian and doctoral student at Texas Woman's University School of Library and Information Studies. Gregg will discuss "Innovative Librarianship."
Alexandria Knight (Esther Grassian) adjunct lecturer at UCLA Dept. of Information Studies & an Information Literacy Librarian at the UCLA College Library. Knight will discuss "Innovative Literacy."
Celestia Cazalet (Elain Pybon) chemistry teacher and Instructional Technology Specialist in Texas. Pybon will discuss "Innovative Immerging Technology Trends."
Sheila Yashikawa (Sheila Webber) senior lecturer at the Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield, UK. Webber will discuss "Innovative Media Literacy."
Larry Klugman (Keith Mitchell) coordinator of the Technology Initiative - University of Texas in Austin. Klugman will discuss "Virtual Reality in Education."
Knowclue Kidd (Marianne Malmstrom) technology teacher and machinimatographer. Kidd will discuss "Machinama in Education."

What is Machinima?

It's video created using 3D virtual worlds or games.

Virtual Worlds & Machinima

Developing 21st Century Media Skills & Literacies

The Elisabeth Morrow School's
Private Estate on the Teen Grid

1. Machinima

Exploration - Time laps record of students' first day on "ToMorrow Island"

2. Machinima

Virtual Worlds - Short film created by 8th grader to describe virtual worlds

3. Machinima

Aphrodite - Political commercial created collaboratively with 6th & 8th graders

Learn more about this project here



"No Future Left Behind"

Collaboratiion between Suffern Middle School & The Elisabeth Morrow School

"The Future of Multimedia in the Classroom"