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Marianne Malmstrom aka Knowclue Kidd

CONTACT: Knowclue@mac.com
WEBSITE: knowclue.com

MUVEing Beyond Web 2.0 - Educators Exploring Virtual Worlds 02:50pm - 03:40pm | Monday, December 8
MUVEing Beyond Web 2.0 - Students and Virtual Worlds 11:20am - 12:10pm | Tuesday, December 9

MUVE: Multi-User Virtual Environment

Virtual World Hangouts via TechCrunch (Mark Hendrickson August 5, 2007)
Comparison Chart

MMORPG: Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

List of Popular Games via www.massivemultiplayer.com

Educators Exploring Virtual Worlds:

If we are to figure out how to educate the 21st century student, we must first become a 21st century educator. ~kc

ISTE in Second Life

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Discovery Educators Network
Lighthouse Learning Island (Kathy Schrock)


The Story of My Second Life
by Kevin Jarrett -- (SL) KJ Hax

by Sarah “Intellagirl” Robbins

by Jo Kay -- (SL) Jokay Wollongong

Lighthouse Learning Island
by Kathy Shrock -- (SL) Kathy Dryburgh

Oh! Virtual Learning!
by Scott Merrick -- (SL) Scottmerrick Oh

Discovery Education Network Second Life
by Nancy Sharoff -- (SL) Laelia Laval

Teacher Netwrking Center
by (SL) Pia Klaar & (SL) Tek Zeno


Students and Virtual Worlds:
"Do we REALLY get to do this in school?"

Find more videos like this on The Dog Ate My Homework

Quest Atlantis

Watch the entire Quest Atlantis interview with Steven Caldwell


Suffern Middle School in Second Life
Peggy Sheehy -- (SL) Maggie Marat - New York

Quest Atlantis
Indiana University School of Education

Global Kids
Non-profit after-school program NYC

Westley Field - Australia

Eye4You Alliance
Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Dr Peter Twining - UK

Projects to Watch:

Media Grid

The Croquet Consortium

NMC’s Wonderland Project

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